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" We design high-speed websites with SEO infrastructure and high customer and compatible with mobile."

Custom design WEBSITES

When your website is suitable for SEO infrastructure, you will get more efficient results from Ads.




Most of your prospects visit your website by using their smartphone. If your website is displayed on a smartphone and tablet with low speed and a poor look, this means that you are losing customers.

digiMOST GmbH designs websites, which are highly mobile compatible and whose speed scores above 80, for SMEs and thus, digiMOST GmbH customers do not suffer from losing customers due to lack of design.

If your website's infrastructure isn't Google-compliant, your website will be ranked lower in organic results of search engines. Moreover, the SEO score of your website directly affects your advertising cost on Google Ads.

Thanks to digiMOST GmbH SEO infrastructure that we have implemented on more than 400 websites we have designed up to today, your website will be more visible on Google.





Thanks to digiMOST GmbH Content Management System (D-IYS) we have been developing for 10 years, you can easily update the text and visual contents on the pages of your website.

Our team can also make the changes you request, but we prefer our customers always have websites, which are flexible enough to make the changes they want.