AddressGezgini A.Ş. is a company having a large number of customers in Turkey and offering B2B services. The event marketing is very efficient. In this blog, we will look for answers to the following questions.

What is Event Marketing?

Activities to communicate with potential customers.

What is the Goal of Event Marketing?

Event marketing targets face to face communication.

How to Make Successful Event Marketing?

Place; The venue of the event should be preferred as a place with no transportation problems, preferably close to them and prestigious.

Speaker; The speakers who are experts in their fields, have a positive effect on perception against your company

Sending Invitation Cards; The invitations must be sent to collect records for the event, and non-attendees must be listed and invited again afterwards.

How to Measure the Benefits of Event Marketing?

The goal should not be to just make sales. It is important to create a potential customer base and apply different marketing methods to this audience. You will also be reminded yourself. Therefore, it is very important for you to reach many customers after the event.


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